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LOANI is launching an International Cook Book for International Cuisine Dishes from around the World. 

Connecting Cultures through Food & Sharing Diversity Recipes & the Inspiration behing the recipes.


The cookbook will be available for sale on our website and most bookstores in the UK from the 1st of June 2018.


Food is the one thing that connects people Globally. We all eat, we all have to eat an we all love to eat, hence why we are creating Four Seasons - 100 beautiful women, 100 delicious recipies, 100 inspirational stories from around the world.


Our Mission is to connect Cultures through food.


We may not all speak the same launguage throughout the world but we all have food in common.    



In this Four Seasons International Cookbook featuring 100 beautiful women from around the world. We join forces to create 100 delicious recipes, 100 inspirational stories, diverse flavours that capture a cultural mix of 100 beautiful women who are sharing their favourite recipes and their true stories to inspire you, from fine dining to weekday meals and large celebrations. Each recipe tells the true story of a beautiful women from around the world. 


As we transform lives through food you can also join us as we connect cultures through food. 

If you would like to be a part of this please email

1. Your story around 300 words

2. A high res pic - min 300dip

3. Your recipe and recipe pic 





Our mission for this cook book is to Bring Nations Together through food.

Changing The World through Food.


Michelle Chard will be featured in our LOANI Cookbook. She has been Hospitality Manager at the 2016 and 2017 Multicultural Charity Balls. 


I have a passion for the Catering and Hospitality Industry. I enjoy providing quality service and leaving customers satisfied, with a smile on their face. I am a qualified Chef, I am still on a journey of expanding my skills and learning a great deal about the industry, general public and their needs and wants. I look forward to working with different people and organisations to reach my destination. 

Facebook page @ mimissfoodandloungebar or look for Michelle Chard

Instagram @mimissoulfood

Twitter @mimissoulfood


LOANI Global Magazine  


We will be featuring the importance of Culture and Fashion, Entertainment, Food and Amazing Stories from different individuals from around the world. Shaing their recipes, Multicultural clothing and Fashion Shows, Women Empowerment, Women in Business, Charity Projects and much more. 


The misson is Coming Together of Nations around the World. 

Every language, every Tribe, every Clan, every Culture and every individual communities come together to share our stories and cultures. 


We will also be sharing stories of out International Ambassadors and women who are making an impact across the World and beautiful holiday destinations across the World. The sense of heritage unites and inspires many people to succeed and flourish, with strong connections people can unite and do valuable things. 


If you want to be featured in our magazine, advertise your business or contribute. Contact us at    


Unify Jewellery Collection


Unify Jewellery was created to unite cultures through jewellery. We are collaborating with jewellery designers from all cultures and backgrounds to create a United collection called Unify. 









Get involved with our Cookbook, Magazine and Unify Jewellery Collection all out later this year!

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