Founder & CEO of LOANI 


Multi Award Winner Dr Caroline Makaka is the Founder/CEO of Ladies of All Nations International also known as LOANI which compromises of Beautiful Survivors World of Honours, United in Diversity Special Recognition Awards and Galaxy of Stars Young Inspirational Awards. She is also the UK African Diaspora All Ladies League Chairperson. 


Dr Caroline Makaka is a well determined & vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm, She reflects a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of generosity & thoughtfulness. Her mission is to connect cultures and help underprivileged communities. 


Caroline has received numerous Awards and honours around the World for her work. She is a Mother, Patron of Ruyamuro Orphange School, Global Peace Ambassador, Board Advisor, VIE Equality & Diversity International Ambassador, Advocate for Women, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Community Developer, Charity Worker, Mentor and Counsellor. She also holds a BA (Hons) Masters Degree and a Doctorate Degree. 



Caroline's mission is to unite cultures under one roof for a great cause & fund initatives that empower the most vulnerable women and children around the World. 


She also created Beautiful Survivors, an initiative dedicated to recognising people who have been victims of circumstances but still emerge as winners. Also the Galaxy of Stars Young Inspirational Awards, a movement created to recognise, acknowledge, honour, encourage and promote young people, their talents, abilities and their culture.


She also created monthly networking events called LOANI World Diversity networking events. A monthly networking event created to be the force that brings people in the forefront at all levels of corporate, community leaders and civic leadership, as well as providing a wide variety of resources that will help you grow and develop your business and transform your business life.   


Her mission is to continue to transform lives, unite cultures and improve the welfare of the underprivileged communities around the World. She also supports an Orphanage School.


Caroline's mission is to give others the opportunity to learn, appreciate, collaborate with, embrace and experience various activities from various cultures because embracing diversity to inspire, because embracing diversity is the key to a peaceful World. Also to fund initatives that empower the most vulnerable women, widows, single mothers and orphans around the World.  


In her own words


"Stay focused on your goals, Go after your dreams. You are the only person who knows what is best for you and you are who is most able to achieve. Remember everything you do in life matters but why you are doing it matters more"


I am here on this planet to unite cultures, serve, love, support, shine and help others. Everyday I aim to help and change someone's life.


I have learned to dedicate my life in helping orphans, widows, single mothers & others who are going through struggles & bereavement in their lives.  









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