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Dr. Kamakshi Jindal


Celebrity fashion Stylist, Trend Identifier, Image makeover coach and event curator.
She has been into fashion field for the past 15 years and designs for bollywood. Her garment brand has a strong presence in Singapore and Iran .
She is currently executive director of Aesthetics International , a 15 year old NGO and founder director and president for Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women.
She is currently the cultural ambassador for Singapore, Iran and Turkey.
She is also the founder of kids fashion runway - a pageant for kids 
Nrityangna -  a dance competition on national level 
Sargam - a national level singing competition.
She has recently launched her talk show - ' Success Stories by Dr Kimashi 
She has been awarded by the prestigious Altasprings fashion award , Brazil and is coming up with her first self published book.
She is also the founder of Aesthetics trends and grooming Academy, which is affiliated to Singapore and Brazil.
She is also the national Director of India , Iran and Turkey for Miss/Mrs. Singapolitan Worldwide 2019/20.



Dr. Asha Anand 

Retd. Prof. & HOD ( Fine Arts ) INPG College , Meerut.
Chairperson, Chitrashilp Fine Arts Society.
Editor - in - Chief , Aesthetics International Magazine.
44 years of experience in Education.
20 PhDs to her credit.
18 Research Papers Published.
70 Paintings Published.
Curated Art Workshops & Exhibitions at French Embassy, India Islamic Culture Centre, Dehradun, Noida, Gurgaon, Moradabad etc.
Awards & Felicitations
Education Award by Rita Bahuguna Joshi
Art & Culture Award by The Times of India.
Art Award by Indian Film & Television Academy.
Art & Culture Award by Natraj Sansthan.
Art Award by Sahitya Sanskriti Sansthan
Education Award by Lions Club.
Kala Ratna by R.G. P.G College, Meerut.








Dr Rita Nwokeji  Nwokeji is a humanitarian who has dedicated most of her life serving people from all walks of life. She regularly organises medical missions to Nigeria using her own resources single handedly to cater for thousands of villagers who are less privileged, giving them free medical treatment and feeding them out of her own pocket. The philanthropist has also under the Rotary Club of Hendon, United Kingdom volunteered to go to India in 2018 and 2019 to help with the immunization of children against polio for which she received an award for Overseas humanitarian services from Fancy Television.
The retired nurse manager spent 22 years of her life working in the UK National Health Service and providing invaluable services to clients with severe and enduring mental health problems. She has a wealth of experience working with client groups of people stigmatised in the society. She helped many patients integrate back into the society and live more fulfilling lives. Her current focus is creating awareness for how to live healthy with diabetes.
A great woman of substance, she continues to inspire nations by volunteering in various sectors and working with grassroots organisations. She is a volunteer member of Diabetes UK campaigning for funding for research into finding cure for the disease and helping people live with and manage diabetes effectively as well as creating awareness to the dangers and complications of diabetes if it is not managed properly. She is also a member of the Royal College of Nursing and regulated by Nursing and Midwifery Council, United Kingdom.
She has a BSc in mental health nursing from Middlesex University in United Kingdom as well as a B.A/Education majoring in English language and literature in English from University of Ife Nigeria. She also holds a Masters degree in Education administration and planning from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria plus a post graduate certificate in education from the University of East London. As a mentor and role medal, she taught young children in primary as well as secondary schools for a few years, inculcating in them the values of good citizenship, hard work, good morals and enviable work ethics before moving to the united Kingdom.
State of women in leadership
Although more women are earning college degrees than men, Dr Rita  Nwokeji feels they are still under-represented in higher education as tenured faculty and full professors and in higher positions such as deans and presidents. She recognises the fact that women of colour occupy a small percentage of leadership positions. Significant improvements have been made in closing the gap in government positions yet women are more likely to occupy the least powerful positions. Of the 50 current governors in the US only 6 are women and 2 are women of colour. In Africa as a whole there is dearth of women in such powerful positions. Having said that, there is no doubt that women are making their mark in various leadership positions around the world. She is an advocate for women achieving their potentials in all fields of endeavour.
Making the world a better place
Even though Dr Rita  Nwokeji supports several charitable organisations, she would like to support more and volunteer or promote their good causes. She is also a firm believer in supporting local businesses. As a community leader she gets involved in peace keeping initiatives as an ambassador of Academy of Universal Global Peace(AUGP)







Zeenat Ara which means beautiful, suffering from a deadly disease "Spinal Muscular Atrophy" she is living a life that threatens her every second but she says it is her body it is her organ so no extremities can take control over it until she herself allow it.
She has written her autobiography" Extraordinary Desire to Win" and" Zindagi Unlimited "which is the Hindi version. It is available on all online shopping sites.
Through her autobiography she wants to give message to the whole world that this world is a test for all humanity  and who give the toughest test will be rewarded the best by God.
Her firm believe in God has helped her to walk through all toughest situations of her life and made her winner.
She has done her schooling from a special school Mata Bhagwanti Chaddha Niketan and now proceeding for a certificate course in business skill.
To know more about this beautiful fighter, read her autobiography.
Kindly click the link below.





Adriana Méndez Snowden is a happiness and resilience coach, author and an international speaker. She firmly believes that anyone not only can overcome any challenge but also truly find happiness in their life. She uses her own experiences, a journey in recovery and NLP tools to help others re write their story. To let go of what holds them back. To be who ever they want to be. To step into alignment and free their souls.

Originally from Mexico but currently in the Uk, Adriana’s focus is to serve her clients online, 1-2-1, webinars, audio trainings, live trainings and programs in both, English and Spanish. Author of “Mujer Onírica” “Happiness through Resilience ” and now coming soon her next book “

Adriana Mendez-Snowden
After moving from Mexico to the U.K, Adriana Mendez Snowden learned to change her perception of painful experiences and turn them into opportunities to grow.
After experiencing a few miracles in her life while deepening her soul awareness, her purpose became clear that she was meant to help others, the ones still on a path of suffering.
Adriana is an alcohol addiction and childhood abuse survivor and now campaigns towards ending the stigma attached to these matters. She teaches not only through her own recovery and miraculous journey, but also by being educated in NLP, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction and is currently about to finish her certification as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
Her goal and dream is to open a non profit organisation in her hometown of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to help other survivors.









Meet our April Star 

Dianah Kamande is a survivor of Gender Violence, specifically Domestic Violence that ushered her into widowhood in 2013, She is the founder of Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization.

Cometogether Widows and Orphans organisation.

"Turning Widows, Survivors of Gender Based Violence and Orphans wounds into gifts 

Come Together Widows and Orphans Organization (CTWOO) is a non-profit making Non-Governmental  Organization (NGO) founded by Dianah Kamande, a young widow and a survivor of Gender Based Violence whose experiences gave birth to the idea of creating a safe space within which widows could share experiences and draw support from others. In 2013 she, togerther with other widows, formed a Community Based Organization which later blosomed into a national NGO. She now leads CTWOO which focuses on  widows, orphans and survivors of Gender Based Violence. The organization supports and champions for the advancement of their rights, social and economic empowerment in recognition that widows rights are human rights.




Anti-Modern Slavery Strategies, Social Impact Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Clarissa is a Director of YouCanFreeUs, an international humanitarian organisation that combats modern slavery through advocacy, rescue and rehabilitation in India, Poland, USA, UK, Norway and Sweden. Since 2010, she has been contributing to the successful rehabilitation of hundreds of women and children through long-term holistic care programs. She has also implemented several awareness campaigns in different countries, that educated thousands of people on the current problem of human trafficking.  These initiatives included educational programs in schools and prisons, seminars in corporations, a short-film as well as fashion, arts and sports events.
Clarissa is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Strategy and Information Systems from the London School of Economics (LSE) and specialisations in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Entrepreneurship from the Harvard Business School and INSEAD. Clarissa has a wide professional experience, having lived in the USA, Brazil, South Korea, India, Qatar and England and having worked in a variety of industries such as Energy, Banking, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Management Consulting and NGOs for the last 20 years.
She is passionate about fighting modern slavery through CSR initiatives that empower victims and vulnerable women in impoverished areas, a topic she has explored extensively in her international speaking engagements. Clarissa currently works as the Business Development Director of LIVOGO, a boutique strategy & development firm based in London, offering social and environmental impact investment opportunities. She has been married to Donald for 23 years and has three children ages 22, 16 and 5.
About modern slavery
Conservative numbers estimate that more than 40 Million people are trapped in modern day slavery around the world today, mainly women and children. This amount is larger than the number of slaves during the 400 years of transatlantic slave trade. Slavery exists in all countries of the world, in every postcode, and it is now considered the most pressing social problem of our times.
As you read this today, people are being sold and bought into slavery, people are being born and are dying as slaves. This crime is most of the time hidden in plain sight, in a diverse range of industries and activities.  Every 30 seconds a person is trafficked in some part of the world. Human trafficking is now the second largest organized crime, generating profits of US$150 billion annually. Traffickers target the vulnerable, the poor and those desperate for an opportunity to improve their lives.  Modern Slavery is a transnational crime and as such requires a transnational response, but it is also happening on our doorstep. Only a small percentage of slaves are ever helped and therefore there is a lot of work to be done to rescue victims and to stop modern slavery from happening in the first place.
The complexity of this problem calls for collaboration across society. Governments and NGOs are critical, but cannot solve the problem alone. Businesses can play a significant role through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by providing volunteers, financial support, training and job opportunities for survivors. The corporate sector can also tackle this problem and strengthen their own brands by addressing modern slavery in their supply chains through stronger policies and greater scrutiny of their local and global suppliers. Individuals also have a personal social responsibility to fight modern slavery by raising awareness in their circle of influence, by becoming conscious consumers that support ethical brands and practices, and by becoming alert to the signs of slavery around them in order to identify and help potential victims.
About YouCanFreeUs
YouCanFreeUs works in both prevention and victim rehabilitation.
Awareness is the first step to prevention. Through a range of innovative events, activities and campaigns, YouCanFreeUs brings light to the issue of modern slavery, impacting a wide demographic.  Because YouCanFreeUs believes education is key in the eradication of modern slavery, it has also produced an educational curriculum called LIBERTAS, which aims at protecting the youth of today against this evil, as well as empowering them with substantial knowledge and understanding in order to help them to take a stand against it.  

YouCanfreeUs rescues and rehabilitates victims of sex trafficking through strategic intervention hubs, safe houses and training centers in different parts of the world. Also, it will launch in the next few months, a dedicated area to address child labour, a crime responsible for the exploitation of approximately 152 million children.

Modern Slavery is the fight of our generation.  Are you in this fight? Give purpose to your life and become a modern-day abolitionist! There are so many ways in which you can contribute to this cause.







Lawyer, Compliance Professional, Anti-Money Laundering specialist (CAMS)

Katerina is a senior compliance professional with a foundation in the legal profession with almost 20 years experience. She kicked off her legal career practicing corporate, commercial and maritime law in Ince & Co London, moving on to practice corporate and commercial law in Grant Thornton International, Cyprus. Her drive to strengthen ethics and values in the business and finance industries inspired her to join the Compliance profession where she is specialized in financial crime compliance and building internal corporate governance structures.
Katerina founded Step Up Stop Slavery in 2018 to empower the private sector to eradicate human slavery by breathing life into human rights. She is currently working closely with the travel and tourism industry to enable them to identify instances of human trafficking in the travel and tourism industry and save children and young girls from exploitation.
Katerina is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales, ACAMS (Association of Anti Money Laundering Specialists), ICA (International Compliance Association) and the Initiator of the platform on Conscious Justice at the Global Institute of Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). Katerina is also a transformational leadership coach.

Step Up Stop Slavery 

 I believe that bringing the corporate world behind human rights is a crucial step in eradicating modern slavery. This is what motivated me to create Step Up Stop Slavery. 

I am committed to upholding essential values of freedom and dignity in our world. I have had 20 years of experience practicing in the Legal and Compliance profession both in London and Cyprus, as these professions fulfil on the purpose of protecting human rights and building ethics and values in corporations. I am also a Leader of the Platform on Conscious Justice in the Global Institute of Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). I believe that bringing the corporate world behind human rights is a crucial step in eradicating modern slavery. This is what motivated me to create Step Up Stop Slavery. I am grateful to have a dedicated team with me committed to enabling the business world to step up and stop slavery. 

It is time to step up and breathe life into human rights in the business world!







Food is the one thing that connects people Globally. We all eat, we all have to eat an we all love to eat, hence why we are creating Four Seasons - 100 beautiful women, 100 delicious recipies, 100 inspirational stories from around the world.


Our Mission is to connect Cultures through food.


We may not all speak the same launguage throughout the world but we all have food in common.  


In this Four Seasons International Cookbook featuring 100 beautiful women from around the world. We join forces to create 100 delicious recipes, 100 inspirational stories, diverse flavours that capture a cultural mix of 100 beautiful women who are sharing their favourite recipes and their true stories to inspire you, from fine dining to weekday meals and large celebrations. Each recipe tells the true story of a beautiful women from around the world. 


As we transform lives through food you can also join us as we connect cultures through food. 

If you would like to be a part of this please email

1. Your story around 300 words

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3. Your recipe and recipe pic 


















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