"It's time to bring all Nations together and achieve more"

Together we can achieve much more


LOANI is now covering 88 Countries Worldwide promoting Diversity & Inclusiveness covering ALL aspects of Equality & Diversity - including age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability etc. 


Our main mission is connecting various cultures & uniting together of Nations around the World, every language, every tribe, every clan, every culture, every diversity and every individual communities coming together to support and uplift the underprivileged in various communities.  


No matter what your Age, Race, Background, Culture, Religion, Profession we are all one,

Together we can take responsibility in developing our abilities, supporting each other to achieve our goals and unite to make this world a better place for ALL



OUR MISSION is to Bring Nations and Professionals Together, WE Embrace Diversity, WE Unite Nations and WE Celebrate Multiculturalism, WE Celebrate Communities, WE Unite Humanity under the banner of the earth, for the good of all people throughout the world.







Ladies Of All Nations International 

One Love, One Heart, One destiny, One World







Beautiful Survivors World Of Honors: Celebrating & honouring survivors 


We have  devised a programme of Celebrating & honouring beautiful survivors  as heroines & empowering them to move out of the position of victims. 

Beautiful Survivors is an initiative that we have created to celebrate and honour both men and women who have survived different and extremely difficult circumstances brought about by life. We aim to celebrate phenomenal resilience, inspiration ,courage, determination, strength, power and hardworking individuals  who have managed to overcome difficulties or changes in life and have expressed their ability to survive.

We want to help them to find strength & Resilience to change.

Loani Multicultural Charity Ball  

Ladies Of All Nations International is a clear demonstration that we, the ladies of this world, as diverse as we are when we come together we can make huge positive changes, we can improve lives, we can encourage one another, we can learn from each other and more importantly we can achieve much more. 
Let us all come together and make a difference in the world and plant the seeds for the future. 

Multicultural Fashion & Entertainment 


Our Mission is to Bring Nations Together so that they can experience and enjoy different Entertainment and Multicultural fashion show activities from various cultures



Highlights of the LOANI Multicultural Charity Ball 2017. Held on 10th December 2017 



Highlights of the LOANI Multicultural Charity Ball 2016.


To see more videos please look on our MultiCultural Charity Ball & Ambassador pages 

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When we created LOANI part of our vision was to inspire people of all backgrounds, religions and cultures. Our goal is to inspire others and spread peace, unity and understanding. 

We also unite for greater causes and collaborate towards different projects to improve the lives of the underprivileged and make some impactful difference in the world 




It's time to bring Nations Together, Achieve more and Join our Global Networking Events around the world. 

We aim to join forces with inclusive ideas, for the vision of LOANI and begin the long walk towards finding lost values, lost creed, re-inventing beliefs and repositioning ourselves for a life of impact on humanity. 


As a LOANI GLOBAL MEMBER you can join us at our LOANI Global Networking Events as we join forces to Bring Nations and Professionals Together and connecting women around the Globe. 

Our Global Networking inspires women to step up to the next level in the world, in their careers and in their lives, discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives and provide an opportunity to learn about other cultures, diversity, knowledge, skills and experience. When we collectively put our hearts and authentic leadership into motion, we can move mountains. As a LOANI LADY GLOBAL MEMBER you will also have the opportunity to be featured in our upcoming Global Magazine and have an opportunity to be a key speaker to some of the organisations that we are working with. 


For more information about becoming 

A LOANI LADY GLOBAL MEMBER contact us on loaniladies@gmail.com       

Webinar Mondays every fortnight 

Starting from Monday 2nd April 2018... Join us on Webinar Mondays every fortnight.  

Our Online learn and connect meetings and presentation events are held online from All over the World. 

Starting from Monday 2nd April 2018, we will be running our fortnightly learning and connecting Cultures with our Webinar Monday meetings. A live Web - based conference videos to connect viewiers, an audience from All over the World. 


Please join us as we connect Cultures, learn & discuss topics from different Cultures and Backgrounds. 


Beautiful Survivors World of Honors








Our 2018 Beautiful Survivors Event was held in London on 31st March. It was a chance for LOANI to celebrate and honor Beautiful Survivors. 


Please visit our Beautiful Survivors Page for more information.  



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