About LOANI 

Ladies Of All Nations International (LOANI)

is a non-profit organisation brought to life by innovative partnership between women of all backgrounds and cultures who have a shared vision of driving better change in

today’s global communities. LOANI operates world wide chiefly to bring Nations together under the umbrella of humanity with the ultimate goal being to support and uplift the underpriviledged in various communities. LOANI is now covering 85 Countries worldwide promoting diversity & inclusiveness covering ALL aspects of Equality & Diversity - including age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability.. etc 






Our vision is simple, to create a collaborative, inclusive, engaging platforms and celebrating cultures where they can share various aspects of knowledge and information, recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions that women from diverse backgrounds achieve and use to make our society wholesome and each in turn learn from these accolades. This is an outcome of an innovative partnership between women of all backgrounds and cultures to provide a holistic perspective towards shaping a shared vision and drive change in today's Global communities for the better. 


The logic being united under one roof for a great cause. We find that the strength of any society or the backbone of any community is embedded in women. At the same time, without a shadow of a doubt, children are the future. We at LOANI therefore find it imperative that we should focus on helping widows, single mothers and orphans who struggle to make ends meet. By doing so we will be indirectly alleviating some problems but at the same time creating a bright future. We come together as women from various backgrounds, cultures, creed, nationalities and races to join hands and work together towards alleviating difficulties and developing our communities. Not only do we support the under priviledged, we also highlight the importance of health and education, raise disease awareness, domestic abuse awareness, celebrating and supporting one another through our struggles and success. 


It is not a secret that various parts of the world are under different stages of development and economic capability. We primarily emphasise on more help to the third World, Africa in particular as we find that a substantial number of women who require help are residents in these communities. The girl child is slightly disadvantaged in such communities and ultimately this triggers a chain reaction whereby women also tend to have less priviledges. This is where we come in to provide support, raise disease awareness, curb domestic abuse and where possible initiate self help projects for these communities so that they become self sufficient in the future. Ladies Of All Nations has so far done commendable work in various parts of the world. 


In a nutshell Ladies Of All Nations International has a clear agenda whereby all nations come together to help one another, to emphasise the importance of education, to alleviate poverty, to give those with less a chance, to fight disease, to raise awareness and to do away with abuse of any kind. Our main mission is connecting various cultures & uniting together of Nations around the world, every language, every tribe, every clan, every culture, every diverse and every individual communities come together for a great cause.


"It's time to bring all Nations together and achieve more"

Together we can achieve much more  



Ladies Of All Nations International is a clear demonstration that we, the ladies of this world, as diverse as we are when we come together we can make huge positive changes, we can improve lives, we can encourage one another, we can learn from each other and more importantly we can achieve much more. 
Let us all come together and make a difference in the world and plant the seeds for the future.








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