LOANI Global Ambassadors 2017/2018





Videos from our MultiCultural Charity Ball 2017 capturing some of our Global International Ambassadors. 


Meet the LOANI Global Ambassadors 2017/2018


Multi Award Winner Samira Bussaid is a Celebrity Make up Artist. She has won Multiple Awards at the National Makeup Awards competition including overall winners category in 2016. She worked in aid of BBC Children in need charity with the fashion collective team. Samira have taught news readers and presenters at ITV studios how to apply makeup, her work also appeared on SKY TV. 


She also teaches internationally in Algeria. She has been asked to do adverts for Danon Yogurt and she has worked with so many celebrities and singers.


She won young entrepreneur of the year at 17 years of age. She was head makeup artist and designer for Sunderland Bridges Fashion show , Miss Europe, Miss central London and Miss GB. plus many many more things. She have also been nominated and made it through to the massive final for Best Makeup Artist which will be held later in London this is a HUGE competition.



A British Bangladeshi Root is still there. Went to Dhaka University. Here I was assessed and passed from Institute of Linguistics for proficiency in English. I speak four languages- English Bangla Hindi Urdu. Understand Punjabi and Gujarati to some extent.

Did a voice training course for two years under His Excellency Mr. Pankaj Saha of Doordarshan, Kolkata at Mandela Institute in London

Worked for BBC Bush House in th

Bangla section

Went back to Dhaka to work for ETV(Ekushey Television) for three years as a producer. Produced over 300 documentaries. Made numerous music videos as well.

Came back to London started working for the Home Office, where my language skills came in handy. Worked there for ten years.

Meanwhile did a lot of translations for various hospitals ( translating information leaflets into Bangla), which are usually kept in the reception areas

Done a lot of subtitles in English for many short Bangla films, which are shown in various film festivals e. g. Cannes film festival.  Did English subtitle for a short film for Channel 4.

Translated two books into Bangla for Save the Children UK

I do charity work in Bangladesh. I am associated with an NGO I visit Bangladesh regularly. 

But my passion is my music I sing in four languages i. e. Bangla Hindi Urdu andPunjabi. I am seen on almost all the channels in Bangladesh and UK I do stage shows as well. 

I love music and It will remain my passion for ever.



Multi Award Winner Boikanyo has spent her life raising the profile of African Women. She is a founder of Enterprise Pageants, International Representative in Europe for Destiny organization, Executive member of Justina Mutale Foundation for leadership, book editor of Eleven miles. 


She inspires others to follow in her footsteps to achieve equality with their European counterparts as they see what can be achieved by a little lady with a big heart and the determination to overcome all barriers to progress and make a success of her life for the benefits of others! 


Boikanyo was honoured in 2013 to be invited to the Commenwealth Nations Reception given at Buckingham Palace by The Queen and The Dike of Edinburgh, meeting the entire Royal family. She has appeared on the ChrisB TV Show, Sporah TV show and the Pauline Long TV show. She has won several awards including the Empowering African Women in Europe Award 2013, African Achievers Award 2014, Global Recognition & Awards for Excellence in 2014 for Outstanding Achievements in Fashion and Beauty. 



Award Winner Victorine is a Community Leader, an Entrepreneur, Event Planner, A Counselor, Hair dresser, Designer and Founder of Vicky's Decor. 

A jack of all trades, an elder of her Church praise centre and an Activist for her own community. 

She has won several Awards including Honoury Awards. She has done a lot of Community work e.g. raise awareness and funds for cancer research.   



Deborah Jay Kelly, a familiar face as a presenter for Black-Tie Gala Dinner Parties, Charity Fundraisers, Fashion Shows, Catwalks and a Red Carpet Host at Chabs UK, F.E.A.R, Enchanted Garden, Ever In Vogue, Face of UK and Universe, Miss Guyana, Miss Teen Caribbean, Pakistan Fashion week, Islamabad Fashion week, Inspiring Edge and LOANI. 


She has organised & presented over 300 Charity Events and is CEO of Multiple Businesses including 'The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training' a Beauty School founded in 2003. The School was established to provide 'Fast Track' courses for Multi-Cultural Students offering private training with a 100% pass rate. 

Passionate about embracing and intergrating minorities, diversity and disability. We are ALL ONE, One love, One Blood. 


Current Title Holder of Ms Classic British Empire 2016 and Award Winner 'Ladies of All Nations International Global Ambassador 2016 and 2017. 

Winner of a Star Award Women of Purpose 2016. 

Recieved a Recognition Award Go-Getter Entrepreneur 2016.

'Best Reality' TV Actress 2014.

CIBTAC Most Inspiring Person of the year 2015. 


She is Published Author of 7 Books.



Luz Daque is one of the Senior Academics in the UK working on Latin American Migration to London. She has an Established Career based almost one decade of working with immigrants, also she has collaborated with Queen Mary University of London, in social projects aimed at the intergration of Latin Americans in London. She has developed several projects on migrants in Spain; has been representative of immagrants in the Elections as Vice President of the Officers of dialogue and coexistence, Chairman of the Committee on Political Rights of Immigrants and worked to Goverment of Madrid making social projects.



Chantal Clairicia is the founder of and one of the founding members of the Wintrade (Women in Trade) wee. She is also the founder of Francophone Network of Black Women Business Leaders launched in 2004, and one of the VP of the European Federation of Black Women Business Leaders former EFBWBO. She has been the Gloabl Women Inventor & Innovator (GWIIN) Operational Director for Africa and co-organised the launch of SAWII in 2008, the South-African Women Inventor & Innovators Network and the launch of the European Women Inventors & Innovators Network (EUWIIN) in 2007. She recieved as Award in 2006 and in 2008 by te South-African Goverment for her work in Empowering South African Women. She facilitated trade missions to France for the Afro-Caribbean Business Network and South-African women organisations such as women in mining. She is an associate of Charter Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and a consultant in business transformation and change management and was in charge of CIMA Public Relations in France. 


Chantal is passionate about empowerment, true diversity, innovation and leadership. She wants to leave a legacy for a better world with a diversity of role models to inspire the new leaders of tomorrow.



The GIFF was founded in 2012 with a mission to preserve the values and aspirations of all indigenous people and Garfuna Cultures. Founded by Freda Sideroff an indigene of the Garifuna, the GIFF's mission is to specifically support the preservation of all indigenous cultures in the world through Art and film. 


An annual event where leaders and members of the community are recognised for their contributions to the betterment and elevation of the dignity of humanity. GIFF showcases a variety of films and documentaries created by Garifuna filmmakers as well as by many other indigenous people including feature films and short films, as well as panel discussions, workshops and cultural presentations. It is equally an Annual venue that reconciles, entertains and portrays the very diverse and brilliant cultures to participants of the festival. 


At a time when Western civilizations is struggling with Global problems, the GIFF showcases important lessons to be learnt from indigenous cultures such as interconnectedness, wisdom of our elders, eustainable living and how to live in harmony with nature. 



Rebeca Riofrio is the founder of Art-Infusion TV and a marketing manager at the Anglia Ruskin University, London. 


Rebeca has been involved in the higher education business in the UK for the last 16 years and Art in Fusion TV has been established since 2013.


Dring her early working life Rebeca beacme the 'eyes' of American novelist, travel writer and renowned war correspondent Martha Gellhorn, whose eyesight had sadly deteriorated. Gellhorn first achieved International recognition for bravely covering the Spanish Civil War with her then husband, Ernest Hemingway. The legendary war reporter inspired Rebeca to not just follow what she saw around her, but to express what she felt about it. Moreover, Gelhorn encouraged Rebeca to balance her artistic creativity with her business mind. 


Rebeca has had the opportunity to work with luxury brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana to name few and designers from around the world both in fashion and photography, as well as becoming a fashion and marketing consultant, commercial director and has led several marketing campaigns for luxury brands around the world.     


Rebeca has also produced and directed films that have given her the opportunity to wrk at the Cannes Film Festival for the past 5 years interviewing celebraties, movie directors, producers and actors for her TV channel and other media partners, having full accreditation together with his partner Elvijs Plugis. 


Rebeca has directed and produced several fashion and beauty pageants around the world. Furthermore, she has been a key contributor to the development of a multi-million pound comapny that in 2006 and 2010 was a warded the Queen's Award for Business and Enterprise. Rebeca was hence presented with the Award by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. the Duke of Edinburgh, at a reception in Buckingham Palace. 


Currently, Art in Fusion TV reaches an audience of 4,000,000 weekly viewers and is streamed cable and provides content to 35 different countries. Art-Infusion TV also has several partnerships with 5 different mega International magazines that publish direct news from us. 


Rebeca recently won the Global Women Awards 2017 for Art and Fashion innovator and the Women of Excellence Award recieved at parliament 2017. 





I'm a passionate, optimistic and dedicated woman who accepts responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm, always ensuring that what I undertake is completed punctually. Perseverance in achieving my goal is a characteristic that I am proud of. My optimistic and planned approach to do what i do, drives me forward towards success, Striving towards perfection, I expect the same from others. If there is an obstacle to doing what is aimed at, I go the extra mile in ensuring that everything is done on time. I love Fashion, with a particular interest in costume. I enjoy reading, naturally with a preference for material linked to fashion and accessories. Born in Argentina, I have lived for ten years in London, then over seven years in Germany. Apart from recent work with two theater company Global Players and Dream Dancing. I have established my clothing line called Fashion in Germany. I studied Fashion Design at ESMOD, and in London at Saint Martin's College, part of the University of the Arts. I attend courses annually at CSM with specializes in Fashion related subjects 



Razzi is a Solicitor, Founder of Women and Girls Empowerment Support, UK National self made Social Entreprenuer, TV Anchor, Philatrophist, Raise Voice against the violence for Women's Rights, Human Rights Avtivist, Peace C

ampaigner, Multi Award Winner, Charity Worker and Role Model Woman of the Year. 



My name's Rhiana Shintasari-Jager and I am the Owner and Founder of Les TeRe, a Fashion Accessories Designer Brand. I would like to tell you a litlle bit about myself and how the birth of 'Les TeRe' happened, which was founded in May 2016. 


I have been blessed with a Creative mind. Fashion Accessories and Creativity has been my obsession from a very early age. I am self-taught fashion accessories designer, taking my inspiration from all walks of life. 

Having been brought up with a family of 6 siblings from Jakarta, Indonesia in an Entrepreneurial fmaily. I have always been classy, creative, positive and passionate. I must admit that my mentor, role model and biggest influencer in my life was my Mom, who raised all of us 6 on her own, giving me the strength and full encouragement to keep moving and pursuing my dreams, to work towards success as a carrier woman as well as an Entrepreneur. 


Even to her last breath in a battle to diabetes 2 years ago my Mom still kept teaching and encouraging me to keep on moving. In combination with my passion I have been working with International Companies ranging from consumer imaging, retailer and construction for more than 16 years in the Netherlands. 


I decided to start up my own Fashion Accessories Designer online shop Les Tere. Being ner in the fashion industry but not so new to the fashion world, as i have been actively participating in most sophisticated National and International Events namely, Aberdeen Fashion Week 2017, Miss Beauty Netherlands 2016/17, Den Haag Fashion Night 2017, Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, Dutch Model Event 2016, Jass Indonesia Night 2016, Indonesia Fashion Show 2016, Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week and recently appeared at London Alternative Fashion Week to further branding of my company.



Virginia is a Public Relations & Communications Consultant, Owner and Director of Communications at GIUNTA Strategic Communications, Human Rights NGO's Spokesperson, Trainer, Mentor in Sustainable Projects in the LAC region, Activist and Hispanic Women Network.


Virginia has a  Batchelor Degree in Modern Languages and International Organizations from the University of Los Andes in Venezuela, different post-graduate stidies in Public and Private Management and she is currently studying an International Executive Master in Corporate Communications at Rotterdam Business School of Erasmus University. Her professional experience and linguistic expertise has been settled from diplomatic missions, international organizations, NGOs and top managerial leading positions in different projects and business units within the public and private sector. Furthermore she has been engaged in local and Global communities by channeling strengths and knowledge through social responsible projects that help children and families to imrpove and find sustainable life values. 


Virginia is a natural networker who believes in 'connecting dots' through a set of skills, instint, knowledge, hard work and human kind. She has combined talent, experience and passion inside her personal, professional, academic and business career by aligning values and purpose that intergrate sustainability, through leadership and social responsibility strategies to empower and motivate corporate clients, individuals and communities to overcome obstacles, anticipate risk and achieve targeted results using analytical tools and infrastructure.



Award Winner Nyhoka is the Founder and Designer of the luxurious bespoke women's and childrens wear brand, Gracious Alma. An Entrepreneur, mentor to children and young people, Nyhoka lives a lifestyle dedicated to giving back to the community, paving the way and raising awareness for very important issues such as people living with diabetes and children and young people with mental illness. 


The name Gracious Alma (Alma means soul), inspires each individual to find their true purpose with an eye for uniqueness and timelessness. Nyhoka Rutherford particularly focuses on making bold statement pieces as well as creating authentic pieces that makes an impression of permanence. 


Launches in 2013, Gracious Alma is supported by many famous names and has been features in many prominent magazines and newspapers, including a channel 4 documentart, hosted by the UK's very own fashion mogul Mary Portas. In 2014, Gracious Alma's brand ambassador International Supermodel Harriadnie Beau Phipps was listed as one of the best dressed by the Mirror, wearing an exquisite Gracious Alma lace gown at Royal Ascot. The show stopping piece made thrilling headlines on Vogue Italia website which caused a Global following. 



Emiko Jane Ishii is a British born Japanese Dancer, Choreographer, Actress and Dance Instructor. She is also the Founder and Creatie Director of International Dance Comapny Epika Dance Troupe. She is known for her unique Fusion of Dance and her training in differnet styles of dance, ranging from Hip hop, Japanese to Bollywood and Kathak. 


She has choreographed and performed in music videos, films, theatre and live shows in the UK and Internationally and aims to inspire people through dance and be a good representative of Indian Fusion Dance. Emiko believes that has the power to make people happy an it is a universal language that brings people together. 


Emiko's extensive training has meade her one of the leading teachers in the UK and she continues to teach thousands of students with her energy, knowledge and skills. It is important to Emiko that she trains the next generation of talented dancers not only to be skilled in the arts but also be good representatives and leaders in life. 



Multi Award Winner, Lydia Tett Olet,is a proud Kenyan, a real patriotic citizen and a Philanthropist. She created company Malaika Dance Unique in 2008, after working and gaining experience and skills in a large number and wide range of the performing arts organizations, both at home and abroad. MDU provides creative education and entertainment activities in schools and communities, our aim is to promote and create awarenss of our African Culture and pride in the main stream UK. 


She is also invlovled with TY Moore Copncept Productions and Steve Nash Productions in Acting, Writing, Making and Producing moves in London Nollywood Movies. The mian creation for Malaika Dance Unique is the established and indeed acclaimed, currently running 'The Darkest Hours of Victory', which is the firs ever theatre play by a Kenyan (LydiaOlet) in Britain. She completed her first movie captivated with TY Moore convept which took afar to Nigeria, where the movie was chosen to be premiered, her second movie titled 69 (Yoruba Movie) was premiered in London and she is working on her third movie/TV series titled 'Apostl Do Good'. She is the Assistand Director and Presenter for Royal Greenwich online TV.



Clinical Psychologist, Educator, Founder of Latina Mastermind and National Society of Latina Leadership and Empowerment. 


As a Clinical Psychologist and Educator, Dr Issaura de la Caridad Gonzalez has utilized her expertise and trailblazing skills to support others, specifically the Latina population, to expand their businesses and create top sum financial legacies. She is a Multilingual Innovator who founded one of the top Psychological practices in Staten Island, as well as multiple other organizations, which aim to empower and inspire Latina Entrepreneurs to learn the skills that will bring their businesses to the highest level. 


Dr Gonzalez has taken the initative for the Latina market and exemplified her knowledge of entrepreneurship through her recent development, Latina Mastermind. This was made successful by a group of highly motivated and driven Latinas who are working on building economic prosperity for themselves, as well as helping other Latina women to fo the same. As founder of The National Society of Latina Leadership and Empowerment, an organization that offers students of all ages the opportunity to connect with others and empower themselves through networking and leadership. 


Isaura specializes in creating firsts for the Latina population, her goal is to generate change and achieve success through educating Latina Entrepreneurs about networking, sponsoring and professional expansions that can lead them to financial freedom and even Billionaire status. 


As an expert in Women's Leadership Development, Isaura understands how to help Latina entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses and leverage their expertise. She has a passion for spearheading ways to bring about value within a business, as well as educationg others to create their own value and professional success. 


She put her face in the media by contributing to Linkedin, being a SheSource Media Expert and speaking on National Public Radio (NPR).


Currently, Dr Isaura Gonzalez is continuing her passion for education as a lecturer at the gratuate level, while also using her expertise to raise awareness through the media so that Latina Mastermind can make a difference in a Latina Entrepreneur's life. 




Veronica Sosa is the Founder and CEO of Business Fit International, Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, TV Host, Self Development Facilitator and Mother. 


Veronica is dedicated to empowering women towards better lives and rediscovering themselves. With qualifications in Marketing and Branding online and International Business, Veronica is a self-develpment facilitator teaching others how to create 'clarity' in their personal and professional lives to achieve success without confusion and to create a business with purposes. She has become an ecpert in Relationship Capital giving conferences around the world in countries like South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Spain and Noth American supported by her mentor JT Foxx. 


She is also Co-founder of SHE (Seminar for Hispanic Entrepreneurs in Europe) an organization for Hispanic woemn in Holland, Belguim and Germany that helps them to achieve their goals and reach their balance between body, mind and spirit. 


She loves giving speeches to inspire and motivate women around the world and to empower them to reach their highest potential exposing their businesses in the brand new magazine Bu.



Adriana Mendez Snowden is a happiness and resilience Coach, Author and an International Speaker. She firmly believes that anyone can overcome any challenge but also truly find happiness in their life. Adriana uses her own  experiences, a journey in recovery and other tools to help others re write their story. To let go of what holds them back and to be whoever they want to be. To step into alignment and free their souls. 


Originally from Mexico but currently in the UK, Adriana's focus is to serve her clients online, 1-2-1, webinars, audio trainings, live trainings and programs in both. English and Spanish. 


Also Author of 'Mujer Onirica' meaning 'Happiness through Resilience' and now coming soon her next book 'Mujer Onirica' meaning 'the before and after'. 



I have influenced and promoted positive behaviour change by raising health awareness encouraging healthy diet and physical activities, as well as enhancing positive mental health and well being offering one to one support to individuals who are looking to make positive behaviour changes, this includes implementing support and development plans by setting SMART goals and targets measuring success through evaluation and feedback. The Health Trainers Programme recruited volunteers for Health Promotion awareness and I managed a large team of volunteers and paid staff to ensure sufficient staff cover and delegation of various duties to ensure a success and effective campaign. 


I have an understanding of community needs through my work with the 'hard to reach' clients and community groups and i'm client centred, driven by and responsive to people's needs. I explore new ways of supporting and engaging people. 


I have developed and delivered many successful projects and events, for example I have facilitated a project called 'Meet & Mingle' starting woth 6 women and currently boasts over 200 members, in this group we helped the women integrate with each other, breaking down barriers. This group has been nominated for Group of the year and has recieved so many awards, one of them being the Queen's Award.   


Also in my role as a Community Development Officer I developed the community groups and reached out to wider audiences, secured external and internal grant funding, developed ideas and support in completing funding applications for group projects and activites, developed the community group ideas and looked for solutions to tackle local issues such as crime and anti social behaviour. I also increased the usage of the community space creating activities, courses, trainings, workshops, exhibitions and much more. Also developing a good neighbour scheme.     



AnYes Van Rhijn arrived from France at 58 in July 2015 to give a new start to her life. All she had were two suitcases and the unwavering faith that she would reinvent herself. It took her less that a year to do so and today she is a source of inspiration to many. She is on a mission to help professional women reach their full potential in life and business, without giving up who they are and what is important to them, so that in doing so they can become role models for other women to do the same. also known as The Reinvention Mentor, she is a holistic life and business success mentor. Her experties in self-leadership (clarity, confidence, mindset..), business coaching, personal branding and personal effectiveness is everthing a woman needs to create the business that will sustain the life she desires. Whether you wish to break your self-imposed glass ceiling, turn your passion into a fulfiling business, turn your average business into a highly visiblle brand or work on your business and no longer in it, AnYes will give you the keys to achieve it in a sustainable way. 


AnYes is also the owner of the femail business network Athena Central London and the founder and host of the inspiring video interview series 'Women Who Make Things Happen'



Kathi Scott is the Executive Director of the Nelson Mandela Children's fund UK and the Nelson Mandela Childrens Hopsital Project for Europe. She helped establish the UK office of NMCF UK in 1996 and has steered its extensive contribution to the work of the Nelson Mandela Childrens fund since then. Born and Educated in Northern Ireland, Kathi has a background in media, sports management and development. She is also a volunteer and mentor for a number of UK charitable organisations. 


She is a passionate supported of the Intergrated Education Fund in Northern Ireland and the Miss Learning Programme. In 2007 Kathi was named as a kids Taskforce Champion with an award presented at the House of Commons in recognition of her work with children and young people in the United Kingdom. Kathi is an accomplished speaker who is often called on to speak about a range of subject to very varied audiences. She has contributed to a number of books, including 'Reflections on Nelson Mandela Icon of Peace' and has been a regular [anelist and contributor on TV including 'Arise News TV channel. 




A London based Pakistani Designer, she grew up in Holland and moved to the UK with family many years ago. Sarwat wanted to be a Doctor when young and chose to study medical subjects and graduated in Pharmaceutical Management. However, she had a very artistic mind and loved creativity and enjoyed arts. Her hobbies include Photography, Arabic calligraphy, Sports and Urdu Poetry. 


Once Sarwat finished her studies she joined the Online Media Inustry and spent a couple of years doing this but didn't feel the excitment, so she went on to study Fashion Designing. A passionate artist who believes in following her heart and creating a personal identity based on her own thoughts and beliefs. 


'The reason I started my brand was I just didn't have the desire to work for anyone else. Also it can be very challenging to convince an artistic mind. When you are designing, the end result is what I like most. It's like painting a picture. In this case you get to see it live and on somebody's body. It's like living art. I just do what I love to do and that's the key and if I continue to do that it just grows and grows'.


Sarwat is also part of the Eshaki Foundation, that aims to support young people develop a better future, this also includes helping the young people with disabilities to express and develop themselves in the society and helping the young girls/woman in various ways. There is no limitation on what background you are from. 


Going by a famous quote 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself' 

Living away from home has taught me a lot about life. Giving words to feelings was the inital though but I started writing on various topics including women, society, relationships etc. Mostly people take life as it comes and not think about in the long term. I really believe we can and should make the changes to alter our life and make it more enjoyable and fun. Simply having a vision is not all, you actually have to work to materialize your dream. You will experience different phases along the road and people who might discourage you but remember that you are on a mission to achieve something incredible and it'll take a lot to stop you. 


Purpose is to be able to break the stereotypes and inspire the young ;adies, who have talent and dreams to be able to make their own decisions, have the courage to make mistakes and follow their own vision. As much as I can I want to invest more in the people who are disadvantaged because of whatever reason. I believe God wants you to have a much bigger, more exciting and long term plan for your life, so why not?   



Dr Amal Daraghmeh Masri has an honorary Doctorate from GODSU University USA. Decorated by French Republic with Chevalier Legioned de Merite d'Ordre National. First Prize Winner of 'Best Woman Entrepreneur' in MENA and listed a one of Ten Global Women Entrepreneur & Leaders by the International Council of the Small Enterprises USA. Dr Masri won the title of 'Arab Woman Role Model' and she is CEO of Ougarit Group, Editor in Cheif and Founder at Middle East Business News. Dr Masri holds many positions in local business organisations working for the advancement of women in Palestine and across the Arab world, these include being the head of Local Economic Council f AlBireh Municipality, Board Memeber of Islamic Reporting Initiative IRI-UK and former President of Business Women Forum. 


Amal believes in women economic independance as a key to women advancement. She is known to be women Economic Rights Avtivist, regionally and Internationally. She is founder and former board member of Middle East Business Women's Network, member of the Arab International Women's Forum-London and was on the steering committee of the Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in the ME initative. 


She is a member of the Advisory board and shareholder of Mixberry Media USA and a member of the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce. She is President of Palestine Accueil (part of FIAFE Paris). Amal is a member observer in the Private Sector, Development and Trade Sector Working Group - LACS. Dr Masri organises and heads Economic Events that tackle economic issues such as unemployment. She was voted as being one of the 'Top Ten Influential Arab Women working in Public Relations in the Arab World and Model Arab Woman, regularly appears on TV and radio, in Palestin and overseas.



Loralie Canale has been as Entrepreneur and a strategy consultant in the UK since 2012. She has a Master's degree in International Management from the University of Worcester. Her field of experience span from product retail, web development, software programming, PR and Ethic marketing. 


As an Entrepreneur, Loralie co-founded Rise Reasearch Ltd, involved in trade consulting and market planning for businesses who wish to set up subsidiaries, distribution models and supplynetwork in the UK. 


Loralie has a special interest in ethic branding, store loyality and relationship building. What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is that she believes in the symbiotic relationship of every business to its target community. It's simple to explain why' if a company is blind to the innate buying culture of the community, the sustainability of the business will suffer. She believes the road to success is finding your 'usefulness' in the community and being a positive force to others. 


Based in Birmingham she's currently the Trade Consultant of Globe Telecom, the number one telecom company in the Philippines with a growing UK customer base. In her spare time, she likes to go for a walk, do some work in the garden or catch up with her friends. 


Charity Links 


2012 to present - Loralie launched a community group in support of The Alternative Learning System (ALS) in the Philippines - a town project that provides Educational opportunities for Filipino citizens who cannot afford formal schooling.



Award Winner Gracia Justice is the owner of Growth specialist LTD. A consultant company that helps people to set up and grown their businesses. Gracia holds a BA in International Management, Msc International Business Management. She is currently writing her first book. 


Grace has won many Awards including Finalist for Women for Africa Award, Womenhood Global Regognition and Women of Purpose. 



Jennifer first began her career as a musical theatre performer taking on lots of freelance contracts in theatre, teaching and choreography. Her first business was a musical theatre school which begun with only 5 children and grew rapidly over the course of 3 years. She started with only a sound system and a desire to give youngsters a solid foundation in theatre arts. As much as she loved teaching, when her third child was due she realised that in order to create a comfortable lifestyle for her young family that she would need to take on some extra work. Work that she could do around her children so that she could spend as much time with them as possible. 


She began network marketing 'The forever movement' initially as some extra pocket money but in only one year she managed to let the theatre schools go and be at home almost full time. 3 years in and she has become one of the top 10 Network marketing businesses in Scotland. She is now in a position to grow some of her other passions and business ideas including a womenswear label 'Ruby Joyas launched this year. 


Also 'That's my Crown' an incredible online platform/magazine and scholarship fund for entrepreneurial women, small bespoke theatre classes, a music project, a collaborative ever changing creative space called EVOLVE, as well as commercial modelling for model team Scotland. Her heart lies within coaching though, empowering other women to step into their greatness and realise their true potential. It's time we stand up to celebrate and respect the rise of the renaissance woman!  



Imambay is the Founder and CEO of Disabled International Foundation Sierra-Leone, UK which is responsible for more than 5,000 disabled people of all categories as well as over 2,000 orphaned childres, as a result of the Ebola epidemic. She has been awarded in 2015 the New Pan-African Princess. 


A Disability Rights Activist, who has frontline experiences at challenges faced. A woman and Childre's Rights Activist, Human Rights Activist, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Activist. She has undertaken a project to build an orphanage and school complex envisaged to help disabled people towards self-reliance, An international Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) policy implementation advocate, Also, a signatory to the implementation of this policy in the UK. A key campaigner to stop early child marriage. An activist for raising awareness for the eradication of discrimination towards disabled people.


Imambay has been at the forefront as a campaigner and policy advocate for Human Rights and Quality Education/skills for the disabled in Sierra-Leone that resulted in the first Disabled Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Children and Gender Affairs in Sierra-Leone. Shes has been a recipient of several awards for Humanitarian work both in the Continent of Africa and Globally.



Hibo Wardere is an Author, Campaigner and Public Speaker. An Award Winning specialist and campaigner around FGM issues. Hibo was born in Somalia, she moved to London to flee the Somali Civil War. She currently works as a Consultant, Trainer and Community Educator. 


Hibo has contributed to several radio, television discussion on her campaigning work and has appeared in publications including the Telegraph, The Guardian and on the BBC. She uses her trauma as a tool to teach others how cruel FGM is. 


'It's my way of fighting and I am defiant really, FGM happened to me, but it doesn't define me. I define me'



International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach. Moni helps women around the world ignite their inner power so they can live with more peace, passion and joy. Currently based in London and originally from the beautiful city of Barcelona. Moni, otherwise known as Monica, believes that when women shine their light and claim their inner power, they can change the world. 


Moni has more than 15 years experience in corporate she has observed that a more compassionate and heart-centred leadership is required to bring back balance, equality and consciousness. She is passionate about vanishing burnout from corporate culture, and she is committed to supporting women lead projects. Moni is helping and inspiring women around the world transform their life and beacome leaders for changing in both personal and professional levels, with her writings, signature tlaks and support. 


Moni contributes to raising awareness of increasing the presence of feminine values in the world.   




Bhavi Khanadia is the founder of Jeeva Natural UK Ltd a brand that deals exclusively in high-quality, all natural organic products centred on the principles of Ayurveda. By definition Jeeva means 'Full of life' in Hindi, reflecting an ethos honed by Bhavi in the development of her products and the way she lives her life. 


Known as the Coconut Girl to her mother, Bhavi was forever linked to the fruit following an accident her mother had during pregnancy. It was the use of coconut-based home remedies that lead to a full recovery for both mum and baby and the coconut forever remained an important part of Bhavi's life. 


Having graduated from the University of Sardar Patel with a degree in Food and Nutrition, Bhavi's vision of creating healthy, all-natural products was realised after a move to the UK. With the birth of her son Enzo in 2009, Bhavi saw an opportunity to explore her passion for healthy living and chase her dreams, immersing herself in the production of coconut oil, bamboo blossom rice and organic king coconut water.   


In 2014 Jeeva's first product was launched - organic coconut oil and soon after, Jeeva's bamboo blossom rice hit the market, both products available exclusively in Harrods was followed swiftly by other high end retailers. 


Next organic coconut water joined the Jeeva ranks, the first water in the UK to use Sri Lankan King Coco. The water is available in original, mint and lime, turmeric, ginger and lemongrass in a beautifully presented glass bottle. It won Great Taste Award 2017 and winner of World Beverage Innovation Award 2017. 


Jeeva now supplies King coconut water to some of the finest hotels in the world including The Rosewood London, Shangri la the Shard, St James Hotel and Club, Jumeriahs are examples. Countires arounf the Globe for export including Malta, France, Ireland, Romainia, Israel, the UAE and Hong Kong. 


Bhavi hopes that the launch of her new range of naturally flavoured coconut oils (chilli & garlic, turmeric & black pepper, vanilla) will appeal to broad audiences across the UK and Internationally for it's health benefits as well as building a desire for a more natural lifestyle and a store cupboard essential. 


% of profit from sales are donated to a Born Free Foundation supporting Elephant Sanctuary in Sri Lanka and the upbringing of our adopted orphaned elephant 'Coco'


Jeeva London | 02085648400

Twitter: @Jeeva_Naturals| FB: Jeeva UK | Instagram: @JeevaNatural

For further information, high-res images and samples, please contact:



Kitty Noofah is a National and International Award Winning Thai-British Make up Artist who specializes in Fashion and Beauty. Her finesse approach to make up is demonstrated in live fashion shows and editorial shoots, however her extraordinary flair is second to none during events such as Notting Hill Carnival where creatures born in dreams truly come to life under her brush strokes. During her short time in the industry she has featured in a number of magazines, no longer a rising star but the star itself, this MUAH is redifining the rules in make up artistry. An honour student at Delamar make up Academy and Award Winner at the National Makeup Awards and International Make up  Trade Show, also official make up artist and writer for Fab UK and i-Asia Magazines.



Seema Flower is a Founder of Blind Ambition a Consultancy with a difference. Seems an Inspirational and Experienced Service industry Champion who has inspired many people to achieve their full ambitions through her own example, her Coaching and Counselling. Seema has been blind since an early age but has not let this stop her building a successful chain of businesses and property portfolio. 


Blind Ambition provides Personal and/or Professional Development Training. Motivational Speaking, as well as Equality and Inclusion Training. 


Blind Ambition is all about being single minded in pursuit of your goal, not being distracted by the white noise of modern life. When you meet Seema you'll see that she really does live by this mantra.. just keeping up can be exhausting! 


Seems is ver driven to achieve her goals and in her case, Blind Ambition is also about actually being blind and still driving for your ambitions regardless of your limitations while at the same time being an inspiration to others to help them realise their goals too.



Gulrukh has been a fully qualified Holistic Specialist, dealing with Mind, Body and Spirit for 20 years. She has extensively studied Energy Medicine, along with other Holistic Modalities and hold professional Certification in Advanced Law of Attraction, Clinical Aromatherapy with Acupressure Massage and Oriental Diagnosis, Clinical Aromatherapy for skin conditions and other ailments, Advanced Theta Healing, Intuitive Body Scanning and Advanced Baby Massage. She also works professionally with 'Life Activations and Alignments', 'Quantum Healing'. Gulrukh also does distant healing and Scalar Wave, Light Spectrum Therapy (Cold laser).   


Gulrukh is a natural 'Empath and Intuitive' and is able to work on subtle as well as physical levels. She arises from a lineage of Complementart Medical Practitioners, her Paternal Grandfather Sir Maqsood Jung, was the Unani Practitioner to The Nizam of Hyderbad (at the time the World's Richest man) and the President of India (Unani, or Yunani, is a traditional Graeco-Asian Medical Treatment practiced widely in South East Asis and based on the teachings of Greek Physicians Hippocrates and Roman Physician Galen). Also her late Uncle, Idries Shah was renowned for his books on Sufism and was best remembered for introducing Sufism to Western Academia. 


Gulrukh is also an Award Winning International Film maker. She has Directed, Produced and Scripted a Diverse range of short films, Education Videos and Documentaries. She is currently in post-production for a documentary feature called 'Spirit2Power' featuring many highly acclaimed World Champions, Masters and Celebrities. In addition to that she is also currently mid production on a documentary feature about the mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids. Robert Watts, a produced on the Star Wars series, Indian Jones series and Who Framed Roger Rabbit is Executive Producer for this. 

She also made a 4 part documentary series on dolphins, marine life and human impact called 'Blue Velvet in Sinai'. It won Best Documentary Feature Award at the Moondance Film Festival in New York in 2012. The main subject of her Dolphin series is Richard O'Barry, who trained Flipper dolphins for the popular TV series Flipper. Richard collected the Oscar for Best Documentary for The Cove, in 2010.



Teresa Egana is Venezuelan and she is the creator of pushing the frontier of possible Partner-Founder of MUJER WOW INC (pre-incubator for new entrepreneurs and start ups). Adventurer, Life and Culture Taster, Traveler, Pround Mom, Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker for the Femenine and Productive Life, Coach of new Entrepreneurs and start ups, Creater of MINDSET WOW startups and prifects, Constelaror and 18 years working with women all over the world just because she loves being a womanSpecialized in Dynamic Psychotheraphy, Breathwork, OSHO Meditations and Tantra Nature Lover and Moon Priestess. 


Teresa has shared her sensous wisdom in Turkey, Canada, Equador, Venezuela, Spain, Esstonia, Russia, Australia and more. 


Professionally formed in Start ups Incubators and Entrepreneurial Coaching (SALAMANCA University), Family Constelations and Systemic Therapy (OSHO Multiversity), Positive Psychology (UNIMET), Biz School with Marie Forleo, Dynamic Psychotherapy and Breathwork (International Trainings) and is one of the pioneers of Women Circels in Latam.  Teresa is also a Mother and Vibrate Entrepreneur.



Ruth Mutanda is the founder and CEO of Ruth For Women an organisation for abused women and children brought up in abusive homes. The organisation deals with FGM, Hounor kills, Forced Marriages, CSE etc. Ruth is a survivor of abouse abuse for 32 years. 


Ruth is a Mother od 3 daughters and 1 son, as well as being a Grandmother of 4. She was married to a former diplomat for 34 years and they served in th diplomatic service for 12 years (France, Ethiopia and South Africa). Currently finishing her BA Hons in Community Development. She holds a degree in Intrerior Designing, Theology a Diplomia in Hospitality and Events Management and a Diploma in Counselling. 


Ruth is an Author, Enterprenuer, Consultant and Chairperson for WEF Leeds, West Yorkshire. She holds 11 awards for recognition of her work.









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