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No matter what has happened in your past, You have hope for your future





No matter how painful your past had been, you have made it through



Beautiful Survivors World of Honours is an initiative dedicated to recognising people who have been victims of circumstances but still emerge as winners. Those who have faced various challenges in their lives, who fought cancer, domestic violence, victims of torture, those who have lost their loved ones, Parents who have lost children and other extraordinary circumstancs. 

These extraordinary people are survivors, resilient, fighters, champions, changemakers and community activists. These are people who have distinguished themselves from challenges in their lives so that they can contribute to different sectors and services in their communities to do something to help others and raise awareness. 


Our mission is to raise awareness, recognise, support and celebrate unstoppable, unique individuals. Many of these people as they share their stories and become vulnerable, inspire others to fight against all odds and never give up. To have courage, strength, hope and determination as they also transform their pain into power.    


Beautiful Survivors World of Honours Our previous Survivors winners have included a super mum who is going through Chemo therapy and she is raising cancer awareness and runs a community with more than 300 women in, helping them through strength and determination.

Another young inspiring lady who has brain damage and now runs her own charity and helps others in a similar situation. She is an inspiration to many. 

Also a who lost her 9 year old daughter through allergies. She is on a mission to spread allergy awareness amongst other young children and raise awareness and educate others around food allergies, she does this in loving memory of her daughter. 

Then a Mum who has 2 teenage sons with Autism, she runs a charity that promotes it's mission of those with disabilities, raising awareness and equality. She set up a specialist school and residential home for adults as well as an Autism awareness charity.

Also a plane crash survivor who having sustained burns to her face and body, she campaigns tirelessly against inequalities and for women empowerment. 

We had a Mum whos daughter was sadly driven to killing herself due to domestic abuse and she now is raising awareness against domestic violence.

We have domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors who are all working tirelessly in the community to break silence and raise awareness, some have even wrote their own books in order to raise awareness and inspire others with their journey as they transform their pain into power. 

Also those who are living with a disability and inspiring others and inspiring others that their ability is stronger than the disability and that the disability does not mean inability. 


Much more we focus on supporting, celebrating, encouraging and empowering other Beautiful Survivors to realise their true potential in life so that they can lead more fulfilling lives and give value and purpose to their lives and take pride in how far they have come. 


They are Beautiful and they Matter  


Meet our Beautiful Survivors 2018  



Beautiful Survivor Video from the 2018 Event 


Beautiful Survivors Interviews from the 2018 Event 


Videos about LOANI Beautiful Survivors  




At LOANI we Celebrate Beautiful Survivors, one of our aims is to raise awareness and issues related to Women's overall health and wellness. This includes, Women who have faced various challenges in their lives, suffering from any terminal illness, violence against women, women with disabilities and their unique challenges and many more related health issues. 


As Women Empowerment is our main focus

We also Celebrate Beautiful Survivors




We think that Survivors are the best Resource and inspiration for other Survivors. 

We know their stories will inspire and help to give hope to the hopeless and light to where there is Darkness. 

The intention is to Inspire, Empower and Encourage each other not to give up through Courage, Strength, Hope, Determination and give hope to those feeling hopeless and light where there is Darkness. 


We want to Empower and support other Survivors to realise their true potential in life so that they can lead more fulfilling lives. 

Together we can.   


Meet our Beautiful Survivors 2017


Our first Beautiful Survivors were honoured at the LOANI Multi Cultural Charity Ball which was held in London 2017. 


LOANI Beautiful Survivors at the LOANI Multicultural Charity Ball

Dec 2017









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