Beautiful Survivors Supporting Team


We have appointed a Beautiful Survivors Supporting Team, each of them bringing something unique to the team to be able to support, inspire and bring awareness to others. These are made up from people within the health care professionals, public sectors, doctors, solicitors, qualified counsellors and advocates for others. The missions is to create initiatives towards transforming lives where Survivors can reach out to them for advice and any problems they might need help and support with. This is part of how we raise awareness, break the silence and reach out to more survivors in the communities. 


The Beautiful Survivors Supporting Team is coming together from different professional and backgrounds, where we can work together and discuss solutions in our areas of expertise, reach out to others, help victims, raise awareness, recognition, support, breaking silence and celebrate beautiful survivors. We will also be meeting, discussing and planning future Beautiful Survivor Events. 


Meet the Beautiful Survivors Supporting Team 2018/2019

Meet the Beautiful Survivors International Supporting Team 2018/2019








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