United in Diversity                     Special Recognition Awards


United in Diversity Special Recognition Awards are created to recognise, acknowledge and honour organisations, communities & companies that support professional inclusion, promote or work with a group of diverse individuals those who consistently delivered outstanding service to their beneficiaries; promoted and raised their cause ceaselessly, organisations and community groups who have also distinguished themselves in contributing to different sectors and services to their communities and nations as well as bringing people together and creating a project that has triumphed in the community, supporting local people whether on a one-to-one basis or as a group in their community with a vision that have had a long-lasting impact on that community. 


Organisations dedicated to improve the health and welfare of their communities. We aim to connect, support each other and do the work of generosity to support our communities. This recognition is also awarded to the group or organisation who worked tirelessly to provide outstanding service and made an outstanding difference to others lives, community, family, school or organisation against all odds & honours people who have shared their ideas, expertise and time within the community. We recognise that such contributions are often provided voluntarily through the good will of organisations or as business transactions.




The ultimate goal is to collaborate, raise awareness, joining forces, inclusive ideas, business networking and vision to create a collaboration, inclusive and engaging platform so we can share knowledge, inform, recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution that we make in our society as well as bringing new ideas and create strong, long lasting relationships within our communities and beyond.


Together we can take responsibility in developing our abilities, supporting each other to achieve our goals and unite to make this world a better place for ALL. Most importantly to help everyone to stand together because possibilities are endless where unity & diversity exists. 


"We are only as strong as we are united, United in diversity of our own communities is one of our greatest strengths"  








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