LOANI 2018 UpComing Events 


When we created LOANI part of our vision was to inspire people of all Backgrounds, Religions and Cultures. 


Our goal is to inspire others and spread peace, unity and understanding. 

We also unite for greater causes and collaborate towards different projects to improve the lives of the underprivileged and make some impactful difference in the world. 



International Ambassadors & Global team, Meet, Greet & Connect Tea Party 


We are arranging an International Ambassadors and Global Team, Meet, Greet and Connect Tea Party. This is where Ambassaodrs and Global team members can have the opportunity to meet, connect, understand their roles and involvement as International Ambassadors, share ideas and learn how we can support each other in our individual projects. 



In collaboration with some embassies, we have some International Ambassadors who are now planning upcoming events to benefit and support the underprivileged from their own countries, communities and other amazing upcoming exciting events and projects.   



Become a LOANI Lady Global Member



Join us in this opportunity to change the World. Let's change the World together as we are on a mission to connect Cultures in every country on Earth. 



It's time to bring Nations Together, Achieve more and join our Global Networking Events around the world. 


We ought to join forces, inclusive ideas, the vision of LOANI and begin the long walk towards finding lost values, lost creeds, re-inventing beliefs and repositioning ourselves for a life of impact on humanity. 

As a LOANI GLOBAL MEMBER you can join us at our LOANI Global Networking Events as we join forces to Bring Nations and Professionals Together and connecting women around the Globe. 

Our Global Networking inspires women to step up to the next level in the world, their careers and in their lives, discuss diversity and inclusion initatives and provide an opportunity to learn about other cultures, diversity, knowledge, skills and experience. When we collectively put our hearts and authentic leadership into motion, we can move mountains. As a LOANI LADY GLOBAL MEMBER you will also have the opportunity to be featured in our upcoming Global Magazine and have an opportunity to be a key speaker to some of the organisations that we are working with. 


For more informations about becoming a 




LOANI Global Monthly Networking Events 



To be held last Friday of each month from 27/04/18. 


We have some monthly upcoming events on the last Friday of each month from April, where we can have a discussion on different topics affecting the world. This will cover a variety of important subjects and have a number of powerful contributors and distinguished guests. 

Some of our International Ambassadors will be leading the topics. 


Please let me know if you have any topics that you want us to cover and you can lead that topic. We will be covering different topics that are affecting the world. Any suggestions are welcome. 

Some of our Ambassadors will be hosting webinars as well. 

Kindly join us on our monthly networking events and workshops as we share a powerful mission for empowering and inspiring each other. 

We also are collaborating with different women empowerment organizations for projects and work shops. 



Award Winner Victorine Ndikum is the founder of Vicky's Decor and is in charge of all LOANI Event Decor. 



The variety and quality of Vicky's Decor is simply incredible. Giving a unique touch to ordinary spaces and transform them into magnificent spaces.









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