Loani Global Team & Board Members 


Our goal is to inspire others and spread peace, unity and understanding. Our mission is to create a platform that can identify role models turning them into leaders, then collectively create a world of peace to help the underprivileged around the world.  Also connecting, supporting each other and doing the work of generosity to support and raise funds for the less privileged. 



Meet the LOANI Global Executives



Dr Pauline Long is without a doubt the most philanthropic woman of our time. She doesn't want to be dubbed as Mother Theresa but she definitely wants her legacy known to all that care as a philanthropist, a humanitarian who knows no boundaries when it comes to giving back to humanity. She is the queen of human love who has mastered fully the art of giving. 

Dr Pauline Long is a AUGP NOBEL PEACE PRIZE recipient.

She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, media mogul, public speaker, peace activist, mentor, leader, TV producer and presenter who has been listed on Black Women In Europe Powerlist, named the most outstanding woman of the year(2016) and Europe's most powerful woman for changing many lives through BEFFTA.

The graceful humanitarian and peace activist is the most celebrated African woman in Europe with 8 Lifetime Achievement Awards and over 180 awards given to her for endless service to the society. She is a strong advocate for human love committed to bringing communities together.

She is a global ambassador for Universal Peace Federation(UPF) and Governor at Academy Of Universal Global Peace based in New York. She is the owner and founder of Europe's biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in showbiz and leadership - BEFFTA where she has transformed thousands of lives.

She is also the owner of award winning film studio East End studios, Mr and Miss East Africa UK: both initiatives support the youth.
She founded FEED THE STREET CHILDREN CAMPAIGN where she engaged her team to provide food to thousands of children who live on the streets in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Dr. Pauline Long is a popular TV presenter on Sky Channel 175 who has transformed thousands of lives through Pauline Long Show by giving platforms to the voiceless and fight global injustice such as abuse, extreme poverty, bullying. She is the president of Pauline Long Entrepreneurship foundation where she supplies sewing machines, food and agricultural products to women in different parts of Africa. Through the foundation she takes care of over 60 old and widowed women in Kenya and offers scholarships to students in Malawi, Zambia and Congo. She also founded Dr Pauline Long Super Cup Football tournament to empower youth from deprived backgrounds. She is currently building a multi-purpose women and community centre in Malawi. She mentors several youth through Pauline Long Empowerment and mentorship club both in UK and Africa and has recently founded a movement call YOUTH CAN TOO to encourage the youth to reach their full potential. Her focus is also on providing FREE sanitary pads to girls around the world who cannot afford them.

Her persistent and long-term support for women has led her to establish these two powerful projects: GAWW(Global Africa Women's Week) and WAW(Women Appreciating Women). She is also the founder of Diaspora Commonwealth Community Leaders(DCCL), a programme that brings community leaders from over 30 commonwealth countries to build stronger communities and offer lasting solutions to problems faced by those in the Diaspora.
Dr Pauline Long is an ambassador and patron for over 20 charities and organisations including ambassador of The Nelson Mandela Book Of Tribute.

Dr Pauline Long sits in the executive board of Women Economic Forum and she is also the Chairperson of Forum for Asian, African and Caribbean Women in Politics(FAWP).



Dr Kavita Pattani is a qualified medical doctor, highly trained and sub specialised Surgeon and Advanced Leader. 

Her expertise lies in Head and Neck Cancer surgery. Some of her responsibilities include being Medical Director of the Head and Neck Cancer program and Chairperson of her department.  She also Chairs the Surgical Oncology Quality committee at the Cancer Center in Orlando, FL striving to provide above standard and high-quality patient care. She has also been very proactive in raising awareness of cancer in the community.  
She has a very high-volume practice (90-99 percentile), one of the highest in the country.  She has grown her department immensely and continues to advance her career.
She continues to empower women as an example of a successful career woman , in participating in various actives. She  has participated in several pageants ,  played a role in a film , participated in several cultural societies in the community, volunteering in her community as well as being  recognised by the local Associations as a leader in cultural awareness through her volunteer activities. 
Besides her successful career and dedication towards her patients, she is an active participant of several cultural societies in the community.  
In  her own words 
Together they are making their dreams come true.  She continues to pursue excellence professionally and personally.

As our Health & wellness Global Chairperson, 
She will be contributing towards health & wellness  and cancer awareness from a global perspective.

She will also be our columnist on our monthly magazine on the health & wellness column. 
 The column will focus on many key areas from health, wellness, nutrition, education, health advice 
providing health & wellness workshop & supporting those who have been going through cancer , chemotherapy, cancer survivors etc. 


Kalpana Kundan.
She is a community Leader , 
Pageant Director , Social Entrepreneur ,Corporate Leader , visionary, motivational speaker, innovator, humanitarian, philanthropist & Business Entrepreneur.
She is passionate about  serving others with passion & purpose to build strong communities around the world.
She is also a mentor for young girls.

Kalpana continuously dedicates herself to raise  funds for acid attack survivals .
She is now working on a great initiative project on how technology can help blind people to live easy and normal life .



Meet the LOANI Global Team


Alejandra was born in England, to a Spanish mother and a Venezuelan father. She was raised in Venezuela, where she learnt to love the vitality of Latin culture, but educated in England, which taught her to appreciate understated civility. Her childhood sparked a passion for differnet cultures and a curiosity for human nature. Today, Alejandra is a transpersonal psychotherapist. 


After having lived in Venezuela, England, Spain and Russia, Alejandra settled in London. She worked for several years as a school counsellor, which allowed her to witness the beauty of the human spirit and the resilience to survive. Yet she orifoundly believes that surviving is not enough. Her desire is to support people to achieve their full potential by discovering their soul's purpose, learning to live in their true essence and embodying their authentic selves. 


Alejandra also has a BA in Russian and Economics and loves food, friendships, family and football. 



Dr Ashish Paul is the founder of Ashishveda, and Ashishveda Fertility Ayurveda clinics based in London, India and Europe. 


Ashish's mission is to bring awareness of the holistic benefits of using Ayurveda's ancient natural practices alongside Western Herbal Medicine to cure and prevent chronic illness. 


Ashish has a vast knowledge of Ayurveda herbs and their applied clinical uses and uses this knowledge to treat many factors including fertility, hear problems, changes in lifestyle and acute stress which are some of the most common causes of health related issues. 


Ashish's unique holistic approach cures the problems from inside out and addresses and remedies all factors naturally and effectively. 


This achieves amazing results with noticeable and significant improvements resulting in an enhanced rate of general well-being. By taking into consideration all modern diagnostic evaluations and by intergrating them with Ayurveda's expertise of the individual's constitution and variations, this unique perspective allows her to find a solution to most health issues and for a number of conditions not responding well to conventional medicine.


Ashish also uses meditation. pranayama yoga and her NLP/hypnosis skills to achieve the desired outcome for her patients as well as variations of panchakarma. These therapies work with the natural rhythm of the body, treat the cause of a problem and have less adverse effects reducing the risk of disease and allowing one to live an optimally healthy life. 


Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurveda Physician (BAMS - Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist

(MSc Herbal Medicine).   



Dr Karen Johnson is honorary Deputy Minister UK, WHC Humanity Commission for Safeguarding and Empowering Women and the Author of 'Out of the Corner'.

She is also Global Ambassador for Lift Effect. 


Part of her vision is all about raising awarness for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Her aim is to break the silence of victims of abuse. 

Dr Karen's Motto is 'Say NO to any form of abuse,

Never suffer alone in silence' 


Her passiona and mission is to continuously support victims/survivors of abuse giving them confidence, self belief, self esteem, self love, self respect, motivation, determination and freedom. 


Dr Karen also delivers her own courses voluntarily to change lives for the better and rebuild lives back again after being broken. This is just part of what she does, she does a whole lot more. 


She created a FB page called Out Of Corner. Her group is very focused on advise, help and to empower. A place where people can be themselves without bring judgemental. 


Dr Karen Johnson has also encouraged people who have been abused to speak up.



I am an Anthropologist, Speaker, Trainer, Professional certified Coach, a globetrotter and a Third Culture Kid (TCK). This unique combination gives me the knowledge and experience to work with my clients on subjects relations to global networking, communication, diversity and organisational culture, as well as at the underlying issues individuals experience when working in a diverse enviroment , when ready to 'go bach home' or preparing to move to a different country.


As a coach-trainer-consultant, I work for a variety of International organisations and multinational companies in the field of project management, organizational change and leadership. Having lived and worked in over 20 different countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe having provided me with an International foundation of life and in my career, gaining a deep cultural awareness and understanding that I apply in my business and beyond.   


I have a passion for education on topics such as cultural awareness, generational relationships and diversity issues, as understanding the importance and influence of culture allows to communicate better with employees, customers, providers and general public. Throughout the year I speak at different events for managers, leaders and professional coaches. Below is a list of topics of the most recent presentations: 


  • Cultural competency a must skill to have for coaches and mentor coaches
  • Cultural competency a must skill to have for managers and leaders
  • Culture matters
  • 3rd Culture Kids: Moving among cultures
  • Cross-cultural and diversity coaching (for professional coaches)
  • Leveraging on cultural and professional differences (for organisations and professionals)  


Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualising human potential, a clinical psychologist, sound/drum therapist, corporate and group organisational trainer. Born in Africa, she and her ancient wisdom meets neuroscience blend and grew to 12 countries. A meditator and yogi, trained by pioneers; infamous music therapist Dr Benonzon, enneagram father Dr Naranjo, master drummers like Rowan Storm, Zohar Fresco, Mamady Keita, her intellectual property raises consciousness with rhythm, revolutionary paradigms, purple, her U.N and ministries of education endorsed children programs are her favourite things. 


After being born to a Mother named Aphrodite, lifes magical beauty pulses through Heleniq as she plays inviting 'When the drummers were Women' wisdom to connect this legacy with rising importance of feminine Godessence. Currently publishing her book 'UP' Ultimate peak performance and 'Aphrodites Child'. Heleniq offers conferences and retreats in beautiful Cyprus, online training for luminaries and families, remains passionate about the 'flow state' and it's intimacy with ecstasy and peak performance. 



Khosi is a 20 year old founder of a youth organisation, 'Khosi4Teens' which focuses in supporting teenagers (13-19). The organisation collaborates youth gatherings, activities and workshops with the aim to help with their everyday problems. The organisation also encourages teenagers to strive hard to reach their goals and be better people in the community. Alongside other activities 'Khosi4Teens' aims to help students who have trouble with academics by putting together after-school sessions that serve as tutoring sessions. 


Khosi has attended various meetings, training and workshops that help her further understand how a teenage mind works. Khosi has good oral communication skills when dealing with teenagers and those supporting her cause. I find 'Khosi4Teens' to be such a fulfiling cause. At 'Khosi4Teens' we identify troubled teenagers, intercede if necessary and bring in necessary parties to help  find a solutions. 


Khosi is furthering her studies by obtaining a combined degree in Film, Radio, Television and Psychology. The course will contribute to increasing her skills as a youth advocate. 



Kiran Khan is the CEO and the soul of Caren K Inc who started designing in the year of 1999; who has always been passionate about fashion. She studied for her Masters in Business Administration from University of London and she also attended the prestigious fashion school Central Saint Martins, University of London. Kiran is involved in lots of Charity Wrok and she is actively involved in the support of Acid Cictim in NY under the banner of ASC production Inc since 2016. 


Also Kiran has worked as consultant for 'House of MB' in London and launched their Middle Eastern Line and Perfume brand. She did exhibitions in Paris, Dubai and Dakra. Later in 2015 she participated in New York Fashion Week in September 2015 in USA. Also she did a fashion show for Awesome TV in New York and founded and conducted her own fashion event in New York titled International Designers Expo, where she brought together Americans of various ethnicity to perform and showcase their work. In New York she also co-founded ASC Productions Inc and is presently working as the exectutive producer where the company promotes fashion, art and culture.


Company Facebook: Caren K Clothing & Accessories 
Personal Facebook:  Kiran Khan
Company Instagram: @carenkfashion
Personal Instagram:  @kirankhan7
Twitter: @carenkfashion
Pintrest: carenkfashion 


Massiel Alvarez is of Venezuelan origin, uses her lyrics to exalt, to preserve and promote their cultural and artistic roots, through different media, with the aim to inspire and motivate anyone looking in the way of art, a place where reveal her way of perceiving the world and resources to express it. She is the author of Plan C-buyer intelligently, columnist News, Current Women Magazine, Editor/writer Tomas Magazine, Latino Show Magazine, the digital newspaper Long Island Day, Member of the 'Iberoamerican Society' of Poets, Writers and Artists, Latin American Writers Circle and Latin American Intercultural Alliance. Their valuable contributions in preserving the Spanish language and socio-cultural activism within the community, they have earned recognitions, such as Entrepreneur of the Year 2011, Hispanic Pride 2014 Award of Excellence, a prominent poet, USA in Spanish 2015, among others. She completed her higher studies Administration in Management at the Universtiy Fermin Toro, Venezuela. She also completed specialization courses in the areas of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence, Advertising and Marketing, Writing, Writing and style. 



Meeta Joshi has multi-disciplinary qualifications and a track record of more than a decade of experience in multinational corporate sectors in IT and Telecoms project management and Television. Abroad she worked as a Producer, Director, Editor and Script writer for High Educational Television Production in India. After earning a Bachelors in Physics, she finished her post graduation in Electronics (Digital Systems) in Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.


As an IT and Telecoms Project Leader at Ericsson, UK she managed multimillion pounds projects for blue chip clients such as Vodafone UK Ltd and T-Mobile. Her first passion was Media, her experiences includes working at Educational Multi Media Research Centre where she produced, directed, edited and also assisted on exceptional Higher Educational TV programmes ranging from Aviation, Space Communications, Art, Architecture, Sculpture, Medicine, Fine arts to adventure sports and Ecology. Her programmes are still telecast by countrywide classrooms for University grants commission abroad. 


Meeta does honorary and voluntary service for various community and Educational organisations and as an Interfaith Speaker. She also offers honorary consultancy to institutes Globally, with change in life, and health, she pursued her passion for Yoga, meditation and Reiki. Meeta specifies in blending spiritual wisdom in coaching others. As a Volunteer she enriched the culture, interfaith and arts within the local community and the education sector by holding workshops for nearly a decade. Her passion for equality of rights and urge to empower others led to her recieving Ambassador of Peace Award from Women's Forum for World Peace. She offers interfaith honorary service at a local International College and University in the well-being centre and chaplaincy. She is an Executive Coach, an accredited Strengthscope consultant and also offers project consultancy.      



Nik Wood is a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Branding Strategist. She runs her own company Nik Wood - Transform and has a real passion for Design and Intuitive Branding. Nik has been lucky to have some amazing clients who are also excelling in their own areas of work, LOANI being one of them, and she is proud to be able to create designs, do logos and branding, build websites and help businesses to

stand out on line. Nik also does design work for events.  


I believe if you Transform your life,

       You can Transform your business.       


Nik is also Founder of Click4projects a youth organisation that helps young people to express themselves through the Arts, Music and Media. Click4projects specialises in Music Videos. Nik also has 20 years experience of working with challenging behaviours in young people and is also a Best Selling Parenting Author.



Jasmine Soni CEO of Soni Makeovers and Soni World of Fashion is a Multi Award Winner based in London and has worked in all major UK Pageants including Miss Universe Great Britain, Miss London, Miss Caribbean, Miss India, Miss Motors House of Ikons, London Fashion week and many more high profile events and celebrities. She was honoured in Beffta Awards 2017 in top 1000. Soni also recently won Make up Artist of the Year Award 2017 in prestigious FNB Awards, Award by Fabulous Magazine WAW award by Dr Pauline Long and Star Award by Lift effects for the last two years. She is also an inspirational speaker for WEF (Women Economic Forum). Soni also launched her own range of formal men's wear at LOANI this year and her work was featured in Fab UK Magazine.



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Thank you to all our Affiliates of LOANI who were a part of our 2017 MultiCultural Charity Ball.  









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