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2017 LOANI MultiCultural Charity Ball


On the 10th December 2017 LOANI celebrated it's 1st Anniversity despite hectic weather which caused delays and cancellations of public transport but still the night had all the ingredients which collectively made it a huge success. 


The night inspired Ladies from all corners of the Globe, coming together with one Vision. We had some high profile delegates who travelled from all over the world to attend the event and our special guest MP, Viredra Sharma. Our theme was celebrating Unity and Diversity, with a mission of raising funds for Orphans, Windows and Single Mothers with the purpose of Uniting Nations together, Embracing Diversity, Enlightenment and Connecting Cultures through Women Empowerment, Multicultural Fashion Shows, International Food, Multicultural Entertainment, Celebrating Beautiful Survivors, Global Networking and Young Talents.



On the night all International Ambassadors from all over the world, were brought together to celebrate this wonderful culmination of a group of such admirable people, who together make such an impact and together empower other women to do the same. These International Ambassadors brought together from differnet Nationalities, Backgrounds, Countries and Cultures, each excelling in their own area of expertise including doctors, models, young inspiring girls, Advocates to join forces and make a difference to the world. Each one individually is a huge asset with the help they give and each one in turn joins together to unite to become one voice. 

There is a potential to effect positive change to every society regardless of backgrounds. There was an array of uplifting speeches from Ambassadors representing many great women and their achievements. People from all walks of life come together to celebrate all that is good and amazing, with encouragement and praise of one another. The night also launched our, Beautiful Survivors, those who have faced challenges in life.. we celebrated and honoured them. 


Coming together of Nations around the world, ever language, every tribe, every clan, every culture and every individual community coming together and sharing our stories and cultures. 


Amazing Inspirational International Ambassadors joined forces and represented their countries for an array of entertainment, celebrations and unite for a good cause. The cause was fundraising for vulnerable women and children, the vision is to unite and change the way things are in the world today. In our fast paced society, it is so endearing to see Women of all Nations and professions, countires and various causes coming together in unison to Celebrate and unite as one 

to make a difference.   


On the evening there was an eclectic range of Multicultural entertainment from catwalk, showcasing different designers from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Japan, Muslim designers, India wedding, Wedding gowns, Kids designers plus much more with cultural entertainment from around the world which includes Bollywood dances, African dances, Japanese Fusion, Belly Dancing, singlers and the captivating beat of African drum music and much more. The night was a vibrant array, connecting cultures through Women Empowerment, International food, Multicultural Entertainment and fashion mixed with people joining to celebrate all the same vision, the same wish, that we use each of our own attributes and put them in a hugh pot which everyone can grow and flourish and enrich others with their knowledge.   


Our Multicultural Charity Ball was very much focused on uniting Natons for a great cause, supporting each other, lifting each other, building each other and helping each other to grow. We create initiatives Bringing Nations Together under one roof for a great cause. 

Embracing Diversity and Uniting Nations.   




The Multicultural Charity Ball itself is a clear demonstration that when we come together we can make hugh and positive changes. We can improve lives, we can encourage one another, we can learn from each other and more importatly we can achieve much more. 

We can all come together and make a difference in the World and plast the seed for the future.   

2016 LOANI MultiCultural Charity Ball 


Our 2016 LOANI Multicultural Charity Ball was held in London. 


During our 2016 Event our theme was 

'Bring Nations Together' 


We asked everyone to feel free to bring and share a dish from your country and also to bring a flag from their home country. 


It was an exciting opportunity to enhance cultures and also share activities such as dancing, drumming with a line up of inspirational speakers. Participants experienced gratitude, blessings, shared ideas and learn't about various aspects. We wanted the event to help each other grow, make new friends and exchange gifts, Networking and Connecting. It's an opportunity to learn new languages, raise health awareness and expand Multiculturalism. Our event also presented as an opportunity for ladies to gain business ideas, job opportunities and even free advise in various spheres. We also debuted exquisite Fashion Designs by different designers. The merging of Nations together on the Runway. 


Bringing Nations Together on the Runway and Performers from various cultures.

Bring Nations Together on Stage. 


Our Dress code was Black and White which represented different races coming together as ONE.  









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