Youth Ambassadors 

At LOANI one of Our Visions is to develop young Leaders, Develop disadvantaged youths across the Globe, Educate, Empower and Inspire younger Generations, Encourage and promote them, their talents and abilities, their culture and also developing good relationships in multiple cultures for a greater purpose.  This is an opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences, offering them skills to transform their lives and become successful in their work and lives.


We are very much focused on creating a strong and diverse base of future leaders.

Promoting the young generations in the Arts, Media, Fashion, Music and offering them space to express their creativity and proudly showcasing their diversity.


LOANI's Mission is to help underprivileged young generations to pursue excellence, Follow their Dreams, Create an impact in their cities and communities to become future leaders across a wider world.


At LOANI we work with our younger generations developing them to follow their dreams and passions, empowering them to make a difference whilst growing as Role Models. Teaching them to understand the importance of Cultures and Bringing Nations Together and helping them to become future.. Ladies Of All Nations International.     


Youth Ambassadors 2017/2018

Meet our LOANI Youth Ambassadors 2017/2018

Youth Ambassadors 2016/2017








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